Water-Assisted Liposuction

If you are considering having a liposuction procedure done to remove excess fat and contour your body back to a shape you haven’t seen it in for years, you may be interested in learning more about one of the newest techniques being used by cosmetic surgeons. Water-assisted liposuction has proven effective by achieving optimal results without leaving the body in trauma as more traditional methods are known for doing.

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What is Water-Assisted Lipo?

Water-assisted lipo, also called "body jet lipo" or "water jet lipo”, is different from Laser Assisted Liposuction takes an alternative approach to eliminating body fat than other forms of liposuction procedures. Doctors apply a jet stream of saline water to the designated area while simultaneously suctioning the fat with a hollow tube referred to as a cannula. The pressurized water helps to loosen the fat cells from surrounding tissue so they can be easily extracted. Patients will undergo a local anesthetic prior to beginning the suctioning treatment.


There are several benefits associated with body jet water-assisted liposuction, making it an increasingly popular choice among patients. After other types of liposuction procedures, patients often experience bruising, swelling, pain, and discomfort. All of these side effects are usually eliminated when water-assisted lipo is performed due to its less invasive, gentler method. Also, recovery times are much quicker, and since there is no need for a general anesthetic, costs can be kept down. In addition, because the water stream doesn’t cause the body to swell, doctors are able to be much more precise in targeting the areas to be treated and will have the opportunity to visually see just how effective the body jet lipo is turning out to be at the time of the procedure.


Water-assisted liposuction has demonstrated itself to be the safest liposuction technique available when performed by a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in performing this particular kind of treatment. Minimal bleeding and pain make this a more appealing option than traditional liposuction procedures.

Why Choose Laser Lipo and Vein Center?

Laser Lipo and Vein Center believes in giving our patients options, and we are proud to add this revolutionary liposuction technique to our list of offerings. Patients can expect to receive exceptional care before, during, and after all water jet treatments. Our cosmetic surgeons are trained and experienced in a variety of procedures that are designed to help our patients accomplish their individual body goals. Contact us here today to find out more about body jet or water-assisted liposuction and to see if you’re a candidate.