What is Tumescent Lipo?

Most people are familiar with the general idea of liposuction, what it entails, and why it is performed. Liposuction techniques have been around for a couple of decades and millions of people have sought the procedure to help contour areas of their body or face while ridding themselves of stubborn fat cells that negatively affect the way they both look and feel about themselves.

The results of one of the tumescent liposuction procedures offered by our St. Louis surgical center. A patient who underwent tumescent liposuction at our St. Louis laser liposuction center.

Tumescent Liposuction is a relatively new liposuction technique that allows the doctor performing the procedure to rely on a local anesthesia instead of a general anesthesia as was traditionally used in most, if not all, liposuction procedures in the past. This change means that patients remain awake and alert during their procedure and heal much more quickly with considerably less downtime required after their procedure. When local anesthesia is used, the possibility of complications or risks associated with a cosmetic procedure are significantly reduced. Complications such as excessive post-surgical bleeding, which was quite common with traditional liposuction procedures performed using general anesthesia, are almost completely eliminated.

During Recovery

With local anesthesia, patients typically take nothing stronger than Tylenol for discomfort during recovery. Eliminating the need for intravenous sedatives or narcotics to help patients recover from a liposuction procedure is a huge improvement from what was typically expected during a healing period where general anesthesia and traditional surgical methods were used to perform liposuction.

The word "tumescent" refers to anything that is firm and swollen. Our St. Louis surgical center uses an anesthesia and saline solution, which is injected into the fat causing a firmness and swelling, making it easier to target the area and remove the unwanted fat more completely.

Another benefit of undergoing tumescent liposuction at our St. Louis surgical center is that there will be significantly less bruising than typical with historic liposuction techniques. Because there is such little blood loss under the tumescent approach, there is a lower chance of blood remaining under the skins surface to cause painful bruising. With the tumescent technique, there is also a lot of post-operative draining that occurs through very small incisions that are so tiny they do not require stitching. These incisions remain open for a couple of days after surgery allowing the slightly blood-tinged anesthetic solution to slowly and painlessly drain out of the body reducing both bruising and swelling.

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