Is Liposuction Safe?

When performed by a physician experienced in performing the liposuction procedure it is very safe. It is important to do research before choosing a physician. Individuals should schedule a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon that will be performing the procedure to ask any questions and fully understand the procedure and what the expected outcomes will be. The surgeon you choose should be happy to discuss the procedure with you and answer all your questions to ensure you are comfortable before moving forward.

It has become very popular for people to travel outside of the United States to have a cosmetic procedure. It can be quite enticing to think about recuperating at an exotic location, and when you factor in the lower costs often quoted for these procedures it is hard to pass up. Individuals considering traveling outside the United States need to understand that the physicians are not held to the same standards as American physicians. They have not had the same training and are often not certified to perform the procedures. Also, the medical equipment and medications used are not held to the same standards. When travelling outside U.S. boarders, if a complication develops after your return, you will incur additional expense to have treatment to correct the complication.

Exploring the Safety of Liposuction

On a scale of 1-10 how safe is liposuction?

There is no definitive answer. However, the good news is that this cosmetic treatment has enjoyed high success rates and reviews - when it's performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon.

By FDA standards, liposuction has also garnered the stamp of approval, without any regress for the last decade! Not only are authoritative boards touting praise on liposuction's safety, surgeons, as well as their patients, have had good experiences when the procedure is done according to plan.

New methodologies in safe lipo including Smartlipo and the use of tumescent solutions vs. general anesthesia have significantly improved the safety ratings for this procedure.

Why is Liposuction So Popular?

Liposuction targets the areas of excess fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. For anyone that experiences those stubborn pockets of fat, liposuction is a great option because it can target those specific areas. The most common areas for liposuction include the abdominals, waist, back, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, hips, neck and chin area.

Recommendations for Finding a Safe Lipo Surgery Center

The Laser Lipo & Vein Center is one of the most highly recommended centers for safe lipo and other cosmetic treatments. Headed by experienced surgeon Dr. Thomas Wright, patients will get a clear sense of what to expect before, during and after the procedure. Patients love the center's professionalism, dedication, and commitment to service excellence. Many out-of-state and foreign patients have sought out Dr. Wright for treatment. His expertise in helping women that suffer from a fat disorder called lipedema make him one of only a very few surgeons in the United States performing liposuction on patients with this condition.

Tips for Finding a Safe Lipo Surgeon

Start your search online, and check patient reviews to get feedback on what others are saying. Potential patients are encouraged to visit our website for before and after photos and additional information about Dr. Wright and the tumescent liposuction procedure.

To learn more, call 314-260-7660 today.