Recovering From Liposuction: Tips & Tricks

For many patients, one of the biggest concerns is how long their liposuction recovery will take. With many of us living busy lifestyles, it may seem out-of-reach to undergo surgery.

This isn't the case, however. Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery, and most patients can resume their daily routine within a day or two.

A Few Liposuction Recovery Tips

The first recommendation experts make is to seek the services of a surgeon who is experienced in the technique of performing this minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Wright, Medical Director of the Laser Lipo and Vein Center, brings great depth of knowledge in performing this procedure; ensuring his patients receive treatment utilizing the most current methods to remove the greatest amount of fat safely and with the least discomfort.

Factors That Affect Liposuction Recovery

Local Anesthesia vs General Anesthesia

In the past, the use of general anesthesia was the norm when performing any surgical procedure and is still a method used by some surgeons. Recovering from liposuction performed with general anesthesia is often lengthy as the affects often cause complications and make people feel ill for several days afterward.

Liposuction performed using local anesthesia, called tumescent, is very safe. Patients feel nothing during the procedure and remain very relaxed, but awake, during the procedure. This method allows the individual recovering from liposuction to do much faster, and with much less pain and discomfort. Tumescent anesthesia also reduces post-operative bleeding and bruising.

The Type of Equipment Used

Compare an old and bulky computer of the nineties, to sleek and modern versions that exist today. In the medical and cosmetic industry, equipment and tools have also undergone upgrades. Dr. Wright uses very small micro cannulas that measure 2mm or about the size of a pencil tip - which makes this surgery one of the most minimally invasive available. This technique reduces bruising, bleeding, and damage to the surrounding tissue, and consequently shortens liposuction recovery.

Liposuction Aftercare

After the procedure, patients will be placed in a compression garment similar to a Spanx and perhaps a binder - depending on the surgical area. Compression is critical to recovering from liposuction. Your body needs the support from the garment to help tighten and support the skin and assist your body with learning its new shape. The compression garment is worn for about two weeks after the procedure. Many patients continue to wear a Spanx type compression garment for several weeks after the procedure to further expedite their liposuction recovery.

It is very important to follow all the surgeon's recommended instructions to ensure the speediest recovery times, without compromising safety.

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