Natural Breast Augmentation

A potential natural breast augmentation patient.

Breasts are an important part of a woman’s body. They not only have an important function, but they also play a large role in how a woman feels about herself and her femininity. This is why so many choose to undergo surgery and give their self-confidence a boost with a breast enhancement. However, there’s an alternative to going under the knife that has already become quite popular with numerous women. A natural breast augmentation will help patients achieve the same goals while leaving out the implants.

What is Natural Breast Enlargement?

Natural breast enlargement, also known as fat transfer breast augmentation, uses the fat taken from other parts of the body during a liposuction procedure and places it within the breasts. The redistributed fat can come from the stomach, thigh, or butt areas and is inserted into the breasts through a minimally invasive technique. After washing and filtering extracted fat, cosmetic surgeons simply inject it through a syringe using small needle pokes.


Patients enjoy many benefits with a natural breast enlargement that they can’t get with traditional breast enlargements. Using their body’s own fat and tissue will allow a patient’s breasts to maintain a natural look and feel as opposed to look implants which often look like stuck on balls. There is minimal recovery and downtime and little to no stitches or scarring to worry about. Additionally, this is a great option for those who don’t necessarily need implants but suffer from uneven breasts or would like a reconstruction after a lumpectomy.


Natural breast augmentation also offers a safe alternative to traditional breast implant methods. There will be no foreign material put into the body in the breast enlargement, lessening the risk for complications. As with any medical treatment, a natural breast enlargement is best performed by a surgeon who is experienced with this type of procedure, as well as liposuction, and has a proven track record of success.

Why Laser Lipo And Vein Center is Right For You?

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