The Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction remains the most common cosmetic procedure available today with nearly half a million people undergoing some form of liposuction in the United States every year. The cost of liposuction surgery, when performed by an experienced, trustworthy doctor and facility, are not cheap; however, most patients will agree that its money well spent as they find new self-confidence and comfort in their own bodies after the excess fat that has been making them uncomfortable is removed.

Still, it is important to have a general idea of what to expect with your liposuction procedure, both in the process itself, as well as what it might cost you financially. There are financing options available, which are a great option for anyone not wanting to wait until they have all the money upfront to pay for a procedure and are anxious to get started.

There are many factors that come into play when determining the overall cost of liposuction surgery. Some of these factors are constant while others are variable. The surgeons individual proficiency at performing your desired liposuction technique is going to determine, in large part, how much you will pay for his or her expertise. Of course you will want to look for a surgeon who is well qualified so that you can enjoy the best possible outcome and the peace of mind in being in the hands of a doctor who has performed many similar liposuction procedures in the past. There are sure to be some clinics that offer "discount liposuction" to eager patients, but more often than not, the fall-out from these second hand methods results in negligent, unexpected results. Paying for a surgeon who specializes in laser assisted liposuction will cost more, but it is worth the money to go with someone you can trust.

The geographical location of the surgeon and facility where the liposuction will be performed will affect the overall cost as well. Areas where the demand for cosmetic surgeries are high, such as in heavily populated urban areas like Los Angeles, New York or Las Vegas are going to offer plenty of opportunities for quality liposuction but at a higher cost than other cities in the United States. In comparison with other densely populated areas the St. Louis liposuction cost is relatively fair.

The cost of liposuction surgery is also going to depend on which area of the body is being treated and the number of areas treated during one procedure. Larger surface areas are going to cost more as are areas that might be trickier to maneuver.

If you are curious about what the cost of your liposuction surgery will be, schedule a consultation with Dr. Wright at St. Louis Laser Lipo & Vein Center for an individual assessment.